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Urban Deca Homes Tondo is smartly designed to deliver safety, comfort, and convenience to its future residents. This complex consists of 12 residential buildings with 13 floors each, as well as the community’s very own shopping mall. The developer, 8890 Holdings, considered the size of the Urban Deca Homes community (which is relatively larger compared to other mid-rise condominium developments) and thoughtfully added in a shopping mall for the convenience of the future residents. This shopping mall will host a wide variety of retail stores, restaurants, and service providers that will make everyday life truly comfortable and convenient for the residents.

Aside from their very own shopping mall, the residents of the Urban Deca Homes community also enjoy a variety of features and amenities in their own units and within the residential complex. Each unit will be turned over to the owners with tiled interior flooring, tiled walls and floors in the toilet and bath, painted interior walls, aluminum windows fitted with clear glass, bathroom fixtures, a kitchen countertop, a stainless sink, a base kitchen cabinet, a built-in sprinkler system, and a smoke detector.

There is also a beautifully designed multi-purpose hall, which is perfect for community meetings, celebrations with family and friends, and special events that will bring the community together. This multi-purpose hall is a great venue for socialization among neighbors and the entire Urban Deca Homes community. There are also pocket parks strategically placed around the residential complex. These landscaped parks are ideal for those who want to bask in the beauty of the great outdoors, put together an impromptu picnic, or hang out with family and friends.

8890 Holdings also made sure to put in a children’s playground, which will have safe and secure play equipment for children of all ages. This is the perfect way to give one’s children some physical exercise outdoors, instead of being cooped up indoors with computer games. The developer also made sure that there will be an administration office within the Urban Deca Homes Tondo complex. This is to ensure that the concerns of residents and their guests will be immediately heard and addressed. There will also be 1,858 parking slots within the complex for the exclusive use of the residents.

  • Community Mall
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Pocket Parks
  • Children's Playground
  • Admin. Office
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